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Welcome to your source of quality supplements made from whole foods and other ingredients, and herbal products. Since 1929, Standard Process® has been the innovative leader in supplying whole food nutritional concentrates. Our customer support area includes healthcare practitioners in  Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon and Washington

We are an independent distributor committed to engaging premium speakers to advance applications of clinical nutrition therapy. This is a unique group of doctors to whom we comfortably send our own families.

Standard Process NW qualifies the speakers by the following criteria:

  • Adhere to  whole food philosophy.
  • Offer methods that can be confidently incorporated into your clinic the next day.
  • Teach an exciting curriculum that is also approved for CEU credit hours to support your licensing needs.

Please contact us and sign up for one of these lifestyle-changing seminars. We know you have a selection of seminars to attend. Let us become your foundation for CEU credit hours for your state. Please take the time to email us so we will have your input in planning future seminars.  

 We promise that our website is easy to use, with up-to-date information. Please check back with us regularly as we will be continually updating our information. Thank you for taking the time to view the information on this website.


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Standard Process NW is an authorized distributor of Standard Process®, Standard Process Veterinary Formulas and MediHerb®. We are located at 22908 NE Alder Crest Drive Suite 900 in Redmond, Washington 98053.

Phone: 800-292-6699        Fax: 877-821-3179


Standard Process Inc. corporate office is located in Palmyra, Wisconsin. The company was founded by Dr. Royal Lee in 1929, introducing Catalyn as his first supplement. Please visit www.standardprocess.com for product information, farming and manufacturing, quality, research and much more.